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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prayer For our Blogging Friend

A good friend of our blogging group, Patriots for Conservative Values, had surgery yesterday. One thing about situations like this is that you have to wait until the person is able to use their computer again to find out the details. In other words, we must leave things in the hands of the Lord! No better place for our friend to be than in the awesome hands of God Almighty!

Father in Heaven,

Hear our prayers just now for our dear friend. We know she had surgery yesterday, and are anxious to hear how she is doing. We pray for you to lay your healing hand upon her body. We pray for a speedy recovery. We ask that you give her peace in this difficult time.

So many times throughout your Word, we see the hands of the Great Physican at work. We pray that for our friend just now. We pray for each doctor, nurse, and any staff member that has a part in our friends care. Bless each of them, and give them the wisdom to do what is necessary for our friend, and to do it properly.

Father in this time where we don't know what is happening with our friend, give us the assurance that You are in control! We know that is the case Father, and we sometimes need to feel that special comfort that only You can give.

Father, we pray these things in the precious name of Jesus!


Feel free to add your prayers in the comment section!