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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There Really is Hope!

Following up on the discussion that was on Blog Talk Radio yesterday, this story shows the HOPE there is in Jesus Christ! I've know about this story for quite a while, but I love so much the hope that it shows for everyone!


Former rocker's bestseller details rise to
fame, depression, new life in Christ

Allie Martin
August 22, 2007

A former rock star who came to Christ two years ago hopes his story will encourage others to look to Christ for meaning, purpose and hope.

Brian Welch, founder of the heavy metal band Korn, soon found himself and members of the band wealthy after their debut album sold millions. However, Welch says along with the money came depression and an addiction to methamphetamines. Welch details this rise to fame, depression and drug addiction, and his turning to Christ in a new book titled Save Me From Myself."

At first I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do a book because I'm a musician. I wanted to do a record, you know, but once I started writing it I was like this is God because it just started flowing out of me and I'm just thankful that he's blessing it and so many people are getting inspired by it," says Welch.

Among those inspired by the book are former drug addicts and current drug addicts. Welch says that he had tried to get off drugs before Christ, but found only temporary relief.

"When you quit speed, you can't wake up, because ... everything is shut down and all you do is crave sugar, and your eyelids are like glued shut and you just are like knocked unconscious because you're so high for so long that you just crash when you're done," he says.

In 2005, when Welch came to Christ, he was finally delivered from his drug addiction. He then went into seclusion for a period of discipleship -- and now Welch wants others to know that true freedom is possible through Christ."

[I secluded myself] like Paul went away for years with the Lord. I felt led by God; it wasn't nothing [sic] that I did like, 'Well, I'm going to go away like Paul' -- it was just [that] I was like trying to go out there and do everything at first. And then God caused circumstances to happen to where I would have to go," he explains.

With the release of his new book, Welch says his story is being told to a broad audience that includes old Korn fans. Welch is planning to release a solo record later this year.