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Monday, August 27, 2007

How Can This Be????

It seems like just yesterday that my "baby" daughter would crawl up in her daddy's lap every night about 8:30 and I would rock her to sleep. It's only memories now, as on Monday we will be taking our "baby" on a college visit.

Where have those 17+ years gone? Am I now getting close to being officially old? Now instead of saying daddy tickle me, she says dad I need gas money. Oh my, oh my I look at pictures on my desk that show her in years past and there is one thing in common. It's her beautiful smile.

So to my dear "baby girl", keep that smile on your face and may God lead you in your decision about where to go to school (I forgot to mention, she is going into youth ministry), and with all the decisions that life brings your way.

******** On a side note, our good friend Snooper has a son, MJ, who will be leaving for Iraq real soon. Please keep MJ and the entire family in your prayers. Mine is making a decision on where to attend college, but Snooper's is heading off to war. God be with you MJ!