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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Enemy engaged

The Patriots

The Clueless

Pastor Ed asked me to post the e-mail I sent to him regarding the Move America Forward rally in Berkeley, CA in support of the USMC recruiters there.

By now you have probably heard or read about it but this is is from someone who was there in the middle of it.

Hi all,

Dean's "excellent adventure"(yeah right) in the mouth of the lion that is Berkely is one this vet won't forget. More like a foray into a Monty Python movie without the humor.
There is much to be said about our vets and supporters who gave up their time to engage the insane on their own streets in support of the USMC. You all would be proud of the Patriots.
My only regret is that I could only stay for 4 hours and missed the festivities later in the day. Oh well....can't afford a bail bond anyway.

Arrived in the wee hours shortly after 0500(5 a.m.) to the sound of the insane anti-war crowd doing their standard chanting and yelling. Bullhorns were plentiful on their side as were the signs. The usual suspects were there as well, Code Pink, MoveOn, The World Can't Wait, and perhaps a new group I will dub "Skateboarders for Peace"(they showed up after sunrise), etc., ad nauseum.
I could smell them before I could see them. Do these people ever wash? With soap and water?

The numbers were about even on both sides, 60 - 70, with more Patriots arriving as the day progressed. Patriots were in the mix as I approached the crowd with many television and radio media outlets on the fringe watching from a safe distance. I was even interviewed by one radio person though I don't recall his name or the station now.
It was an amazing sight to be sure and I had the sense that this was going to be ugly from the first minute.
Lot's of pushing and shoving with one vet taking exception to having a protesters sign shoved in his face. That one wound up in pieces on the ground.

No fisticuffs just alot of pushing. There was a group of Berzerkely idiots roaming around with a sign "Dialogue Corner"....LOL. Yeah they approached me for dialogue to which I responded "Get out of my face. You people stink." They thought I was very rude...hehehe....they hadn't seen anything yet. Rude? Hardly, and by comparison all of us were very civilized if perhaps a little disrespectful of these hippy cretins.

Most of the vets there were forming skirmish lines to block the anti-war creeps from taking our space. They attempted to slowly herd us into the streets...didn't work I'm happy to say. The
noise was unbelievable and deafening. Give the cowards bullhorns and you can't hear yourself think....LOL. Remind me next time to bring my wire cutters and ear plugs.

The police showed up a little after 0600(6 a.m.), all 7 of them, and proceeded to stand and watch the activities. I guess they weren't scheduled to arrive until 0900(9 a.m.) when the permits were officially set to be in force.
They didn't look happy about being there and were not friendly at all. LOL. But then what could one expect in Berzerkely?

By comparison to later in the day, the early confrontations were mild.

Sunrise arrived shedding it's light on the dirty little town. Graffiti and trash was
everywhere....typical. And did I mention the stink? ...goes without saying....

The anti-war cowards eventually moved to their designated protest space across the street and the noise subsided. Oh we could still hear them but barely.

Then a bunch of skateboarders showed up demanding we move out of their "designated play" space. Attempting to reason with these juvenile delinquents was pointless....typical children of the liberal variety....."we want our play area and we want it now". The language from these "children" was deplorable though nothing I haven't heard before, still it was a bit shocking to hear 12 - 14 year olds using it.

Things got a little heated and Berzerkely's finest intervened a number of times. Though I had the sense they were more on the juveniles side they did attempt to reason with them as well.
The police did show their true allegiance however when the Patriots wouldn't move to "let the children play", getting in our faces more often than was necessary.
A few of us took exception to the little bastards running into us with those skateboards. Ouch...let me tell you they hurt....have the bruises to prove it and I do not bruise easily. Harsh words were exchanged but no violence from our side....close...but we exhibited restraint, afterall these are just children aren't they?
We did attempt once again to reason with these adolescent cretins but were given the usual "F" word "pleasantries"...LOL.
Surprising? Nah....this is Berkely...home of left wing crazies.

Several things became readily apparent to me. Number one perhaps was the realization
that the police were not there to enforce our right to assemble as designated in the permit. We stayed within our area, but not the other side. Oh no....the anti-war cowards were free to roam and when we asked the police about this they simply shrugged.

The skateboarders were likely recruited by the Code Pinko's to disrupt our gathering. One of them actually stated this was so but who knows? Medea Benjamin knows.

The so called peace loving, tolerant from the left are in reality anything but that. Be prepared my friends for future confrontations with these insane creeps. The war of words is over and it
will become more physical and violent as time goes by I'm certain.
Some of us fully expected the shoving and pushing but many on our side were surprised
and taken aback by it.

My advice if you decide to go to one of these? Be ready to strike back and strike back with force, to defend yourself if nothing else. If you aren't prepared for physical confrontations then stay home. In fact if you aren't prepared to be arrested for taking a stance for freedom and our right to stand up to these liberal cowards, stay home. When the enemy is engaged there won't be time to protect you and since you will get little help from the police there you must be ready to fight and get bloody, and perhaps spend a night in the slam.

In summary I have to say I was honored to be there and to be a part of
the Move America Forward crowd. Melanie Morgan, Deborah Johns, Debbie Lee, Mary
Pearson were absolutely great. These ladies are unafraid to speak out and stand
up for what is right. I salute them!

It is difficult to understand why the traitorous cowards on the left are given any quarter or media time, in fact I don't see why we should even attempt to be civil to these creatures.
Can you tell me?
Is Berzerkely even in America?

God bless America's Patriots and God bless our troops.

Semper Fidelis!


That's it people. Short and sweet. My original write up was a bit more colorful and detailed but it was written in military format that read like a after action report or AAR.

Nevertheless, you get a small glimpse of what we faced in the early stages. As the day progressed what was already a heated confrontation became even more so turning into anarchy and chaos later in the evening...to which I say that's Berzerkely folks...such a lovely place I hope I never have to go back to.

For more info please visit the Move America Forward site and follow the links.

There were a few tears shed by this veteran as I remembered back in the day when I returned from Vietnam and was horrified to witness the anti-war crowd and their cowardly antics.

We must not ever let that happen again. Not to today's veterans.....