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Friday, February 15, 2008

Help These Candidates Who Happen to be Heroes

Visit the Iraq Vets for Congress website by clicking here.

A message from Kieran Lalor,
USMC Veteran and founder of Iraq Vets for Congress

Thank you for stopping by the website of Iraq Veterans for Congress.

Since IVC was formed early this year, we have seen broad and enthusiastic support from across America for the strong group of candidates who are part of IVC, and we are grateful that our message is being heard. More importantly, we are pleased that America’s voice is being heard.

IVC is more than a group of Republican candidates who served in Iraq, and we are here for something other than our respective Congressional races. We want to be a voice for thousands of U.S. military veterans, their families, and hardworking patriotic Americans who are tired of seeing veterans mistreated and their mission slandered.

When I brought the members of IVC together, I wanted America to have a reliable, unified voice from twelve candidates who are uniquely positioned to offer a knowledgeable, credible rebuttal to the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the constant message of defeatism and mistreatment of our troops. That’s what we’re doing every day, and we are counting on and appreciate your support.

Together, the members of IVC will a reliable voice for veterans, their families, and their mission, not only in our campaign to re-take Congress for Republicans, but for all Americans who have heard enough from the Democrats and their leadership in Congress.

What We Fight For
We believe that our nation is blessed with the finest military force ever assembled and that our military strength must be maintained. Together, we will stand on a common set of principles and step away from politics, because we believe there is more that unites us than can possibly divide us as Americans.

Portraying our Troops Fairly and in a Positive Light

- When groups like MoveOn.org and supporters of George Soros and David Crosby slander our military, their leaders, and their mission, Americans must hear from military men and women who will expose their lies and distortions. IVC will be that voice.

- We will help make sure that news about progress in achieving military and political goals in Iraq is made known to Americans, who every day must deal with omissions and distortions in reporting what is happening in Iraq.

- When political leaders like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton insult American troops and military leaders, we will be there to respond and set the record straight.

- We will demand that politicians cease advancing their political agendas to the detriment of American troops, veterans, and veterans’ families.

Advocating for Veterans and Their Families

- Military and combat veterans can face daunting issues when returning to civilian life. The federal government must do everything it can do to give America’s veterans the support and resources they deserve, and we will be their advocates in Congress.

- The federal government must assure that military veterans who are injured in the course of service are given meaningful compensation that gives them an opportunity to live active and productive lives.

- We applaud private sector and media-supported efforts to recognize the unique sacrifices made by American soldiers in combat, such as ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, which built a new house for Daniel Gilyeat, a decorated Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq war who lost half of his left leg to a truck bomb and came home to face new challenges.

- American military veterans should have every possible opportunity to receive job training, small business support and training, and to pursue their higher education goals.

- We also applaud charitable organizations around America that offer supplemental, community-oriented assistance to America’s wounded warriors and their families, such as The Helping Our Heroes Foundation based in Virginia.

Accountability in Congress

- Military appropriations must draw from the experience and expertise of military men and women who know the realities of military service and how a military mission and overall strategic objectives are impacted by spending decisions made in Washington. Our troops need support – not second-guessing – from Washington.

- We will demand accountability from members of Congress and demand that they explain their anti-military votes.

To the American voters, we are proud to say that these are the issues that unite us. We are determined to give you a voice in America’s future, and we will work hard to make sure we accomplish this goal.

Thank you again for your interest in Iraq Vets for Congress.