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Friday, February 8, 2008

Follow-up to The Gipper Story

Reading comments on here and on other blogs, I feel the need to clarify some things.

1) I am not jumping up and down for joy that McCain is going to be our nominee. I'm just facing reality. McCain IS going to be our nominee. For those who can't stomach the thought of voting for McCain, or think that voting for him is no different than voting for the other side, I'm going to vehemently disagree. Of course there is no guarantee on how CIC McCain will fight the GWOT, I believe we do know how the other side will lead.

2)To continue to list all the negatives of Senator McCain is preaching to the choir. I don't like it any more than those who are yelling the loudest. Snooper said it a while back, if it comes to this then "We're Screwed". Guess what.......

3)Even our best presidents were not perfect. Reagan was the last president to grant amnesty to illegals, and GWB tried. I AM NOT comparing McCain to either (read #1 and #2), but this is the hand we have been dealt. I wish with all my heart we could change it ------ WE CAN"T!

4)The system is broken and we need to try to get it fixed. When all the decent candidates have dropped out before we have had a state no larger than South Carolina having voted, then there are problems. Too late for '08, but let's see what we can do for '12.

5)Finally, we need to start identifying a strong conservative (maybe Gilmore? Allen? Others?) but we can't wait until the primaries to decide who to back.

I said this and Snooper and others are preaching this too. It's not too late to get conservatives elected in Congress, State, and Local elections. So, I will stay with what I said in the other post - we NEED to win the one for "The Gipper" (which includes those of us who loved his ideals)!