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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Announcing Do The Right Thing Radio

Ok, the wait is over and I'm happy to announce that I will be hosting "Do The Right Thing Radio" on Blog Talk Radio beginning on February 18th. Lot's of prayer and contemplation went into this and I'm very excited that this is where the Lord has led me.
This will not be what many of us are used to on BTR. There are already plenty of outstanding conservative political BTR programs. I couldn't come close to doing the job that some are already doing.
Let me share what I envision this program to be. My ideas include: either a short message or devotional, time for prayer, open line prayer requests, some political topics, exposing Islam, religious and political problems, promoting the Presidential Prayer Team, etc.
I am open to suggestions, as this is still a concept is the works. I will share details with you as I finalize them.
I am asking for your prayer and support, and it's 12 days to go time!
Pastor Ed Boston aka Cyber Pastor
PS. Thanks for playing along with my lead-in tease for this announcement!