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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do The Right Thing Radio - Act 1 Recap

The opening show of "Do The Right Thing Radio" is now behind us, and I believe it was a learning experience for all of us involved. Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing the show to happen, and for helping us to learn from this experience!

You can go here, and listen to the archieve of last night's show.

Let me say a great big THANK YOU to the "Cyber Crew" of Dean, Garry, Bert, Roger, and Susan! Each of them was a very big part of the praying, planning, and pulling off of this first show, and there is no way I would have even attempted to take on this new project without them!

I also want to say, I had no idea how nervous that I would be. I preach 2 to 3 sermons every week, and rarely if ever am I nervous. I've been a caller and a guest on other BTR shows, and wasn't nervous. Last night however, I was "on edge" as much as I've been in a long time.

I think the difference for me was I was "out of my element". I'm used to seeing and hearing those in the audience when I preach. Last night, other than a few times with the callers and an occaisional comment in the chat room - there was dead silence "looking" at me. I know the Lord will help me overcome this problem.

A short recap of the show will follow, and then some comments, I've received after that.

The song "The Great Adventure" opened the show. From listening to the beginning of the archieve, I realize there was a technical glitch on the song, but it was my fault and I know what happened, so I won't make that mistake again. This will stay the shows opening song for now.

I gave an introduction of myself and and the show followed by introduction of the Cyber Crew who were on the phone with us. Dean, Roger, Bert and Garry all told us a little about their backgrounds and their love for Christ.

Following the intro's, we had a time of group prayer with each of us praying for topics such as: those who were listening to the program, the following of God's will for the program, President Bush and all national, state and local leaders, our troops, and our first responders.

The song, "What If His People Prayed" was next and then our dear friend, mentor, consultant, and all around great guy, Mark (Snooper) called in. During his conversion, he mentioned his son who in the 101st Airborne Division serving in Iraq. We said a special prayer for MJ, and his fellow soldiers.

More round table type discussion followed, and a "special" prayer for a miracle for healing for one of the listeners was given.

Each of us took a short time of wrap-up, and the show finished with the song "Keep The Candle Burning".

Here are a few quotes about the show:

"Show report -- great launch .......Good format -- first time for me. I had some mixed feelings tonight. We had the funeral today and he is the second very close friend I lost in four weeks.

.....You guys took my mind off that and made me think how lucky I was to know them and for them to let me hang with them"

Another comment: "The show was great! I haven't felt the Holy Spirit touch me like it did tonight in very long time.............Last night I slept like a baby for 8 1/2 hours. Something I haven't been able to do for years. The Holy Spirit truly does remarkable things.....I need more of that!"

Pray that Do The Right Thing Radio will be a tool of God's to work in the lives of those who listen, like the two comments above.

The next show will be Thursday at 2:00 pm (eastern).

God Bless you all,

Pastor Ed