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Thursday, February 28, 2008

War OF Jihad Part 2

by Garry aka boaz

The Islamic Jihad or Holy War shows no signs of being in regression any time soon. The United States in Feb. 2008 offered official recognition to the newly formed (unilaterally) state of Kosovo, which is roughly 90% Muslim. With that support and the support of the European Union, one has to wonder just precisely what type of death wish the current administration of the United States has.

It’s not enough that we’re already fighting against rogue groups of Islamists unaffiliated specifically with a nation State? We need another challenge at this point to bolster some ideal of national pride? Somehow the understanding of Islam as a quasi religion of hatred and violence has not filtered through the halls of the White House or the halls of CONgress. (to be distinguished from PROgress)

The Democratic Party of the United States appears poised to nominate for President either a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Illinois Barack Hussein Obama, who has no particular experience on the world stage with the exception of a few Congressional junket trips to Arab Africa. Whose major contribution to the state of Illinois while in power seems to have been cultivating a relationship with developer under indictment “Tony” Rezko?

Or to nominate for President A Senator from New York Hillary Clinton a true carpet bagger from Arkansas, with all of the liabilities of a dyed in the wool socialist who would make Karl Marx proud to call her friend.

The really disturbing portion of the current political news is the lack of a viable Conservative candidate from the other major party, The Republicans seem to have allowed in some wishy washy fashion for the Media Darling John McCain to become the presumptive nominee for them. The Big Media Complex having offered much coverage and laudatory comments for John McCain in the primary season, and now with that all but over jumping on him like stink on a wet dog over allegations which should in theory have been laid to rest ten years ago!

Of the two groups McCain seems to have the most fervor in waging the War on Jihad, but he is also 71 years old already. The War on Jihad will not be a fight for this generation alone by any means. The War on Jihad must be waged until its conclusion whatever the cost and for however long it takes. The alternative is for all our children or their children’s children to live under a Theocratic Tyranny of the vilest type. A tyranny which allows no expression of freedom, no expression of hope for a planet at peace, and no ability to worship as free men and women the God of our choice.

The two main forces in the War OF Jihad are at this time Iran and Syria . Iran is Shia Muslim, adhering to the teaching of either the fourth Imam or the eighth Imam or the seventh. Wheels within wheels as the story goes.

At some point in the near or distant future both of these countries will need to be met head on. The governments of both Syria and Iran fund terrorist groups (Hezbollah and Hamas respectively) whose primary purpose is to eliminate the “Zionist enclave” of Israel and then to deal with the “Great Satan” the United States for its friendship to the nation of Israel.

One issue which needs to be dealt with are Mosques, Islam is not a philosophical religion nor is based on speculation, it is a religion based on the revealed teachings of the Chief Perpetrator Mohammad, to be continued it must be taught to each new generation. To break that cycle requires the elimination of Indoctrination Centers – mosques. If not elsewhere then at least in this country they must be removed. Not as houses of worship which preach religion unacceptable to the nation as a whole. But as what they really are, which are Indoctrination Centers for the Elimination of Infidels.

When the next attack occurs on American soil, and it will happen, the person who is in the seat of power in Washington D.C. – if Washington D.C. is still there afterward, must decide what action is needed to protect the rest of the country. Those actions will determine the fate of the United States of America and also the world at large. I was really hoping for a better candidate at this time than John McCain. A cross between Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and Abraham Lincoln would have done nicely. None of those qualities appear to be on the horizon anytime soon though.

Communist and Socialist author and essayist E.P. Thompson in an essay regarding the Cold War stated ”If we ask the partisans of either side what the Cold War is now about, they regard us with the glazed eyes of addicts”

I get the same sort of reaction when I ask the Islamic Apologists, the Peace At Any Price crowd, or the Code Pink wingnuts. None of them can make a rational statement about the actual cause of the War on Jihad. It has become nothing more than something to be against at any cost. Even at the cost of failure to protect this nation from another attack like Sept. 11. And that I have come to expect, the Anti-War crowd has never found a need to understand the reasons for war. It seems enough to just be against war as a method for solving conflict, as would any sane person. BUT the Anti-War crowd carries the concept to an entirely unacceptable level, by requiring that I and my neighbors and family and you accept the consequence of that non action against an enemy whose sole purpose is to place me at room temperature.

The refusal to look objectively at the reasons for either the current War on Jihad, or any other conflict seems a recipe for further wars. Until the last of the totalitarian regimes of Planet Earth have been laid to rest entirely, there will be cause for conflict. With conflict comes a need to convert or be converted, to subjugate or be subjugated, or in the final act, to kill or be killed.

Giving way to those who have the aim of converting, subjugating or killing the rest of the planet seems a poor choice, even if it is done only by default.

One of the real problems I see in the current War on Jihad though is the inability of the political leadership to convincingly and truthfully state the reason for the War. In this, I’m not looking for the method of conducting the War successfully, nor am I looking for the financial cost or even the cost in lives lost. What no one seems willing or able to do is to stand up in front of a crowd of human beings and say clearly –

“This war is against the religion which spawned the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon , the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers , the World Trade Center and all of the destruction throughout the world perpetrated in the name of a dead pedophile. While freedom of religion should be guaranteed to every person on the planet, and is protected in the U.S.A. if you choose a religion which condemns all other non-believers to death, you are now a target for elimination. If you choose a different path toward enlightenment it would be far healthier for you.’

The concept of “Moderate Muslims” is a farce and ploy. Those who are actually ‘moderate’ aren’t really Muslim anymore than I am. They have an ethnic background, but have not been indoctrinated with the hatred and violence of Mohammad. Much like a person can be raised as a Catholic, but never go to Mass after reaching the age of majority. IF all of those who claim to be Christian (78% as of the last study I could find) in the U.S. really were CHRISTians, the need for a Welfare State would never have arisen, and millions of unborn children would have grown up with their parents instead of being slain before or during birth.

The War ON Jihad came about because there is a War OF Jihad. At the conclusion, one side will be converted, subjugated or dead. My hope is for the other side to be converted. If not……….” nuke ‘em ‘til they glow.”