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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

War OF Jihad

by Garry aka boaz

Premise: a Global War OF Jihad exists today.

Query: Can we as a free nation (The United States) allow it to continue?

Nearly anyone with the ability to reason effectively can admit the existence of a war which is being waged from Radical Islam against everything else which they the Radical Muslims declare to be hasam or against Islam. The question then is can we as a nation or we as a planet allow this war to continue to the foreseeable conclusion of a Theocratic Totalitarianism engulfing the entire world in its grip. A grip which will be undeniably more difficult to break free of after it is in complete control of the weapons of mass destruction which so many nations now have available.

I submit to the reader that the idea of living under an Islamic Theocracy is not an acceptable choice from my perspective nor is it a choice I would force upon my children, grandchildren or their children. For any who read this and find the concept of living under a Islamic Theocracy acceptable, stop reading now. The rest of this will most likely be irritating and pointless. Mark Twain said it best. “Never try to teach a pig to dance. It irritates the pig and is a complete waste of your time.”

Jihad, The realization that there is someone “out there” who does not believe in Mohammad as a prophet, but who does see Mohammad as just another thug in the same vein as the recently room temperatured Saddam Hussein. According to the Quran those who believe Mohammad to be just another thug must be converted, subjugated or slain.

That includes the rest of the planet, whether Christian, Jew Buddhist, Rastafarians or somebody who worships cowbells. Believe in Mohammad, who was in essence just a petty Seventh Century Local Dictator with a good plan and a sharp sword or be dealt with. The essence of Jihad speaks to the bloodthirsty religion of hatred which Islam sprang from and to which it is returning after the years of enlightenment, when moderate forces within Islam were in control. The heyday if you will of Islam, when advances were being made in medicine and more notably in the practice of warfarre.

Today we have the remnants of that spirit crushing mish mash of idol worship (the worship of an individual who has no claim to divinity, except through their own profession of godhood) The roots of the current War on Jihad stem from what I thought an unlikely source, The First World War, and the subsequent sundering of the Ottoman Empire, and later the division of the Middle East into discrete and separate countries by the British (most probably by a civil servant sitting in London with no concept of who the people involved were). In retrospect it seems readily apparent that the splitting of an empire by geographic regions rather than on the basis of cultural or ethnic realities was a very shortsighted remedy to a fundamental problem.

Splitting the Ottoman empire though was a stroke of genius, with huge benefits in this present period of time. The idea of having so much of the worlds Petro Dollars concentrated in one political unit is a nightmare I’m glad we don’t have to go through. The amount of money which would be available to Jihadists would be overwhelming, if not for the fundamental friction between the multiple sects of Islam.

The division of the Middle East appears to have been predicated not on the real world ethnic associations of the populations which were being carved up, but on the needs of the victors to further their empire building with an eye toward oil rich Iran, (in the case of the USSR 1) and also to allow empire building by both the British and French in the area. (in the case of the western powers)

The divisions were arranged for the ease of governance and to accommodate the existing players on the field at the time, Ibn Saud, Prince Faisal and Abdullah Hussein, And under the Leadership of Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence 2.

The divisions of the Middle East at that time have set the stage for what we now deal with, an Arab world which is divided among themselves into the various sects of Islam (primarily Shia and Sunni) but united against all infidels with equal ferocity when required and within the limits of needing allies against the Great Satan of the United States and the Zionist enclave of Israel.

The war of Islam against all infidels has been going on for the past 1300 years; the War of Jihad against all infidels will go on until the Jihadists or the Infidels (that’s us) win by subjugation or by elimination of the enemy.