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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Feature at Do The Right Thing (Updated)

Doing a post entitled Win One For The Gipper, gave me an idea so I ran it past all of the contributors here at Do The Right Thing. Let me share the email and the responses.

I was on YouTube, and there are tons of great Ronald "The Gipper" Reagan videos. I was thinking of posting a series of them on the blog. I know there are a couple of schools of thought on this. Some think that there will never be (probably won't) another Gipper so quit bringing him up. Another (mine) is to keep fresh in people's minds what a true Conservative is.

Comments, suggestions, disagreements are all ok.

Cyber Pastor

From Dean:

CP,There was only one RR and though he is gone now viewing video's of him couldn't hurt anybody. For conservatives it would be refreshing perhaps to watch the man we all respect. He was a real character and a man of honor despite his human flaws, he overcame great obstacles to become one of our greatest presidents.In light of the current picks for WH residency a reminder of our basic core values may be in order to help us maintain focus. If nothing else it could give some of us hope during the next 4 years.A reminder of what we have lost might help us get it back. Just my $0.02. Dean

From NJ_GOP:

Oh like I guess we shouldn't bring up Abraham Lincoln ever again because we'll never have another one of those either. Hey, I know, we should dismantle the Lincoln memorial and replace it with condos.

From SFBert:

One of the benefits of a study of history is to remember the heroes (of both physical and moral courage) to helpthose of us in the present stay on the right track. Nothing at all wrong with watching the Gipper. After all, his rise wasn't without roadblocks and detours either. Might help some like me remember what is important and what's only a temporary set back. -- Bert

From Roger Metzger:

True national heroes seem kind of scarce these days ... I wouldn't be worried about giving President Reagan his due. A video series sounds like a good plan to me. Roger M

From Boaz:

Ronaldus Maximus was not perfect (gasp!) re: immigration and the amnesty thingie. BUT... he was as close as it gets to being right for the time, and would also be right for this time. He had a knack for being able to maintain a clear view of the big picture and not getting lost in the details. The American public have had pitifully few iconic politicians worthy of being remembered for what they were able to accomplish.

So, with all those great minds in agreement I've posted the first video already. I thought it was interesting that Carter is talking about government healthcare!!!!

Hope you enjoy.