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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Almost Time To Let The Cat Out of The Bag

Well, it's been fun reading all the different guesses on what the big announcement I am going to reveal this week will be.

Wednesday will be the day that the rest of the world will know what I announced to my Do The Right Thing contributors late last week. (No torturing them for the answer please).

While there are some good guesses, nobody has come close to (B)eing (T)he (R)ight one to come up with the answer.

Keeping a secret is tough business, and I've even received threats of my email inbox being flooded with corny Bible jokes if I don't reveal the information.

Lord willing, I will reveal something that is very exciting to me and has gotten great moral support from all the Do The Right Thing regular contributors on Wednesday. I hope it doesn't disappoint - I don't think it will.