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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You From Cyber Pastor

I wanted to take the time to give thanks for the success this past month here on Do The Right Thing. We had our highest number of hits and second highest number of comments in the history of this blog!

First, I want to thank God, as I use this forum as a part of my online ministry. I pray that all we do on here brings Glory to Him!

Next, I would like to thank the group of regular contributors that we have assembled here. To Dean, NJ_GOP, Boaz, and SFBert - you guys are awesome, and the numbers speak for themselves.

I would like to thank other bloggers who I cross post with and who also guest post on occaision. Snooper, Miss Beth, Miss Ladybug, Flag Gazer, and Spree - you are all in the "trenches" in this "new media" experience and I respect you all greatly.

To my regular commenters, you all are great too! Lew, Mike T, redhawk, Roger G, Roger M, halle burton, Cassy, Penguin Compassion, faultline USA, Ben and Brock (ok he hasn't been a regular, but he's my son and he does comment), you help make us what we are on here.

I've made several "new" friends at Blog Talk Radio, and they have started coming here and I appreciate them as well.

Finally, but most importantly (right after God), I want to thank Mrs. CP for allowing me the time to do what I love doing and following the call God has given me. She's not into the blogging too much (she can't handle the trolls very well), but she has started listening to BTR some, and she is a big-time conservative, so thank you my love of almost 27 years!

God Bless you all, and if I forgot to mention your name - you know it wasn't intentional and I love you all!

Your Cyber Pastor!