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Monday, February 25, 2008

Do The Right Thing Radio - Promo

Tonight is the third show of Do The Right Thing Radio. Tune in (click here to go to the link) at 11:00 pm (eastern) as our devotion will be entitled, "The Best of the Good News" based on John 3:16, 17. Of course there will be prayers offered, phone lines opened, the chat room will be on, and some of our Cyber Crew on the show as well.

As a recap of shows one and two as far as listeners go:

Show One: Time 11:00 pm;Live Listeners 20; Archived Listeners: 26; Total: 46 listeners

Show Two: Time 2:00 pm; Live Listeners 17 Archived Listeners: 20 Total: 37 listeners

We will be staying on the 11:00 pm Monday and 2:00 pm Thursday schedule for a while.

If you are unable to listen live, you can go to the archives at any time and listen to the show by clicking here. While listening, why not rate the show. The better our rating, the better chance we will have of getting a better time slot for the night time show.

As always, you can go to: http://dotherightthing-cyberpastor.blogspot.com/ to see what is happening at the Do The Right Thing - The Blog. Dean and Roger both have some really good items from the past few days.

This online radio program and blog are the personal work of Pastor Ed Boston aka Cyber Pastor, and 5 contributors known as the Cyber Crew. We come from varied backgrounds and different parts of the country, but our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, brings us together in this work.

Please continue to pray for God's will to be done in this work, and that our "Cyber Congregation" will grow for the kingdom of our Father in Heaven and that all praise, glory and honor go to Him!

(Note: This is designed to use as an email to friends and family, so please help by copy and pasting into an email and help us grow!)