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Friday, May 9, 2008

Email from Adrian Herrera

This is an email where Mr. Herrera and I are making plans to have some guest posts take place. As a teaser and to get this info out, I'm posting it here - keeping in mind that this wasn't meant as a post but a personal email. I've deleted some of the beginning that wasn't needed.

I'm excited about having this gentleman share with us in the near future!

Also enjoy the picture of the caribou and the "no impact" displayed. 


So FYI on this  Sen McConnell (R-KY) has introduced an ANWR amendment into the Senate Wednesday.  That makes two in the Senate and one in the House.  Thats a lot of political pressure to do something.  Despite this the tea leaves at the moment are still not talking to me. The leadership in Congress is too strong against this.  But it is an avenue to operate on and that is what we need to exploit.  The fact that the answers ARE on the House and Senate floors.  Thats what matters.  The press is also listening and reporting for once which is good.  See my oscar award winning (well ok maybe not) preformance on CNBC .  

We are working with the CORE people to go to Alaska.  The polar bear is about to be listed on May 15th by DOI and that will be the first time an animal with an increasing population has been listed and the first time an animals population will be directly linked to global temperature.  This is nothing more than a smoke screen to allow litigation against the industry in ANWR and across the Arctic.  The science on this one is very bogus and politically motivated.  CORE, The State of Alaska and most probably the Native Corporations (particularly ASRC) will sue the feds starting June over this.  It is bad news all around really, no one will win.  At any rate we are helping with logistics.  I will get to typing now and try and send you some decent copy.  All the best