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Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's Really Look at 'Unused Oil Leases'

This was sent to me by e-mail and is an interesting read.

From American Anachronism, by Mark Ward

In response to public and, mainly Conservative, political leaders clamor literally beseeching Pharoah to "Let the people (or at least the oil companies) go" when it comes to expanding our own oil resources, the past week or so Democrats have been railing against 'Big Oil' for not exploiting the vast majority of already granted oil drilling leases. The Democrat's justification for raising the unused lease issue was thus: "Why should we open more areas (see "The No Zone" Map here) for drilling when you ('Big Oil') are not using the ones you already secured?" Now that, at first, sounded like a compelling argument; but as I began to think just a little something just didn't fit.

So as a contributing member of The Heritage Foundation and as a retired military resident of Oklahoma (one of our largest oil producing states) and Tulsa (which used to be called "The Oil Capitol"), I decided to write a former Oklahoma Congressman who either rotely knew or could quickly research and address my misgivings concerning the new Democrat mantra against 'Big Oil'. So below is my request for help to former Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Ishtook, Heritage fellow, and his reply.

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