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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2008

Note: This contains more Bush Derangement Syndrome nonsense, reference "The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes."
I have no doubt that Bush is responsible for the blown tire on my motorcycle in 1986 and likely responsible for the broken thumb I suffered in 1977 as well.

BMI's collection of outrageous economic bias for the entire year: From the salmonella outbreak to the media's call for a new, New Deal.

By Julia A. Seymour and Paul Detrick
Business Media Institute

Each year the Business Media Institute looks back on the year's news and selects the top 10 worst economic myths. Here is our 2008 list:

10. Capitalism is dead or dying.

9. Gas at $4-a-gallon, blame the oil companies.

8. Fannie’s failure

7. Barack Obama sends stocks soaring, but not sinking.

6. Alternative energy: All gain, no pain

5. The economy has a fever and the only prescription is more bailouts.

4. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

3. Oil prices will skyrocket to $200 a barrel, gas to $15.

2. Welcome to 1929: Great Depression II

1. America needs a new, New Deal.

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