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Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama, Hamas, Crucifixion......

From One Jerusalem.

This week Hamas enacted a Sharia (Islamic Law) criminal code for the Palestinian Authority which legalizes crucifying enemies of Islam. You can't make these things up. The ancient barbarity of crucification is brought back to life on the same week as British television broadcasts a "Christmas message" from the radical Islamic President of Iran.

You know that the situation is rapidly deteriorating when Israel's dovish President Peres, publicly asks Barack Obama to put off negotiating with Iran. Even Peres knows that there can be a down-side to negotiations. And negotiating with enemies who are bent on destroying you will probably strengthen their resolve to carry out their warped doomsday plan. (For the record, the other day Iran hanged eight men and a woman for supposedly plotting against the Islamic Republic.)

The need for moral clarity has never been greater. Poll after poll in Israel shows that a clear majority of Israelis want action, including military action, to stop the bombardment of their communities. Will the Israeli government reflect the will of the people? Will the world acknowledge Israel's need to stop the attacks against their people?

In addition to talk about negotiating with the enemy, we have the government of Israel procrastinating about whether or not it should take military action against Hamas which keeps shooting missiles into Israel. (And today, a missile misfired and killed two Palestinian school girls. Did you notice that the international community did not condemn this outrage?)

The stakes in the current Israeli elections are great and One Jerusalem will continue its in-depth coverage of the campaigns. Please excuse us if you feel there are too many reports on polls: The fact is Israel is a poll crazy society.


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