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Friday, December 19, 2008

Support Ramos and Compean!

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance



On the day following the Official Ramos and Compean Day of support, Ron De Jong received a phone call from one of our Capitol contacts saying there was a "heavy volume of phone calls and faxes for Ramos and Compean."

While I'm indeed grateful for such a tremendous outpouring of support, both of these men remain in solitary confinement-- away from their families as we enter the most blessed time of the year.

One Day Isn't Enough

Giving these former agents one "official" day of support simply isn't enough. We need to do more. In fact, we need to keep pressing until they are returned to their families...

Ed, I'm urging EVERY member of our 1.5 million strong team to continue calling the White House
and the Office of the Pardon Attorney, as well as your two Senators right through to President
Bush's last day in office.

In fact, if you haven't yet scheduled your personalized faxes, do so by clicking here:


If you would prefer to send the faxes yourself, we have provided all the information you need  (including fax numbers) at this special FaxFire site. Whatever method you choose, it is vital that you do something to help. Thank you!

We simply must keep up the pressure, and taking 5 minutes out of our day to call once or twice a week does make an impact.

Here are the contact numbers that you need:

White House: 202-456-1111,
Office of the Pardon Attorney: 202-616-6070

Sen. Lugar 202-224-4814
Sen. Bayh 202-224-5623

Remember, when calling be polite in your demands that their lengthy prison sentences be commutated.

Alert Your Friends

This terrible story is an American tragedy, and as such I want as many American citizens to know who Ramos and Compean are.

I want them to know how these two men put their lives on the line for us. And finally, I want them to know how much they need us to step up for them in their hour of need.

Please forward this message to 20-25 friends--encouraging them to stand with you on behalf of Ramos and Compean by calling the numbers above, and scheduling personal faxes by clicking below:


We need to continue to press for their freedom--right to the end. Please commit with me to call a couple of times each week on behalf of Ramos and Compean.

Thanks for standing with Grassfire.


P.S: To write Jose Compean or Nacho Ramos, see below:

Ignacio Ramos #58079-180
FCI Phoenix
Federal Correctional Institution
37910 N. 45th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85086

Jose Compean #58080180
FCI Elkton
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432