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Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama's Plan for Immigration???

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

+ + Urgent Immigration Update ++


Dear Ed,

With the appointment of Cecilia Munoz, an 18-year veteran of the National council of La Raza, and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, who opposes the border fence, it's painfully obvious where Obama wants to steer the immigration debate...

How can someone who worked for an organization whose sole purpose was to systematically dismantle border enforcement and undermine the immigration system, suddenly represent the broader national interest?

Ed, the answer is, it can't be done!

With these appointments, Obama is tipping his hand and sending a message to Americans who want real border security that it simply isn't going to happen on his watch.

Instead, we anticipate he will move quickly to press for comprehensive reform that throws open the doors to millions of illegals!

And who will pay for the influx of illegals during these challenging economic times? You and me, of course.

Ed, to beat back this anticipated immigration storm, I need to know you're standing with me and hundreds of thousands of other Americans who want our borders secured.

Please take a moment right now to QUICK SIGN our petition RESISTING Obama's coming comprehensive immigration plan that will swing wide the door for more illegals to enter our nation.

Click here to sign:


Ed, we understand everyone is busy--especially now during the Holiday Season. That's why our QUICK SIGN feature is so popular--allowing you to join the resistance in less than 10 seconds!

Please click here and experience QUICK SIGN:


Again, with his appointments, it is obvious what Obama has in store for us regarding immigration. Our only hope to amass a grassroots coalition of citizens who will RESIST yet another attempt to tear down our borders!

Thank you for your quick response.


P.S: We've reached a critical phase, and we must get our message out to as many citizens as possible. Ed, you've been an ardent supporter of border security, and I'm counting on you to once again lead the charge. After signing, please forward this message to 25-30 friends--urging them to click below and join the RESISTANCE against Obama's progressive immigration policies.


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