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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Video from Live Action

New Video and Challenge to Planned Parenthood to Implement REAL Reform
Live Action Releases New Video Asking:

Does Planned Parenthood of Indiana Under-report Abortions?



12/30 Press Release: Planned Parenthood Fears Outside Scrutiny - Chooses Closely Linked Group to Implement 'Reform'

Contact: Lila Rose, lilarose@liveactionfilms.org, 408-497-3982

December 30th, LOS ANGELES – Lila Rose, 20-year old president of Live Action, responds to a public statement made by Planned Parenthood of Indiana President Betty Cockrum in defense of her organization after investigative videos shot in Bloomington and Indianapolis clinics showed the criminal cover up of statutory rape. Rose calls for Planned Parenthood of Indiana to publicly release the number of reports Planned Parenthood of Indiana has made to Child Protective Services in conjunction with the number of minors to whom they have provided STD testing, abortion counseling, pregnancy testing, and birth control.

In an open letter to Planned Parenthood of Indiana, Rose says that comparing these two statistics will begin to give the public a more accurate picture of the extent to which Planned Parenthood fails to report adult-child sexual relationships. The letter outlines the two paths Rose believes Cockrum can choose. "Planned Parenthood of Indiana may either opt for transparency in service to the rule of law, or choose to continue in the same secrecy that has already caused deep public distrust and summoned a state investigation."

Rose questions the abortion provider's commitment to reform in light of new information uncovered by Live Action. Live Action revealed today that Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, the group selected by Planned Parenthood for internal reforms, has close ties with Planned Parenthood. Prevent Child Abuse of Indiana's lead "prevention specialist," Carol Pool, worked for Planned Parenthood of Indiana for thirteen years as an "educator" who gave sex education workshops.

FULL PRESS RELEASE: http://liveactionfilms.org/newsroom 123008_planned_parenthood_fears_scrutiny.html