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Friday, December 12, 2008

How rich you really are

How rich you really are

When you built that mansion on the hill,
did you ever think about looking up above.
When you filled it with all worldly things,
did you remember to leave room for love.

If in it, all you have are just worldly things,
you will be showing off your worldly worth.
And when it comes to how rich you are,
you'll find you are the poorest on this earth.

The money you've spent showing the world,
will not get you through the LORD's door,
But if you put love first for GOD in your life,
you'll find out that you have so much more.

Being the king in your house, you will find,
might for a little while, make you a big star,
But being a King in the LORD's new home,
will show the world, how rich you really are.

Written by Don Louderback