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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Can't Stop

I Can't Stop

When my last poem has been written,
and I hope that they have been read.
I'll have no more that I want to tell you,
because it has all by then been said.

And when my Savior comes back here,
from His home with His Father above.
I pray that He will then take me with Him,
and it will be only, because of His love.

You see, I am just a sinner while here,
but when He forgives, I'll be much more.
I'll be a king in GOD's new home on earth,
because Jesus has opened up the door.

So forgive me when I can't stop talking,
about my Savior and my holy King.
Because I think that talking about GOD,
and Jesus has such a beautiful ring.

Written by Don Louderback