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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poem: I made this whole thing up

This happened at my house long ago

We were kids, it was Christmas eve, so we went early to bed.
my brother woke me later that night, and this is what he said.
He had gone down stairs to see what Santa really looked like.
besides he wanted to see if Santa had left him that new bike.

Now he saw mom and Santa standing beneath the mistletoe,
and he did not seem at all that night to be in any hurry to go.
Because every time he acted as if he was headed for the door,
mom put her arms around his neck and said, kiss me once more.

Then my brother went to the roof, to look for Rudolph and the toys,
Rudolph must have taken them, to all the good little girls and boys.
When my brother came back down Santa had left for the night,
and mom had just gone into her bedroom and turned out the light.

Now if any of you girls and boys didn't get your presents that year,
it was because Santa spent so much time Christmas eve right here.
Now some of you older ones might not believe what I'm telling you,
it all happened just like that, but Santa'll be back again this year too.

Written by Don Louderback