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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The ABC's of Dhimmitude

The decline of the American news media is not so obvious to some. However, as the following two articles display, we are once again being duped into believing Islam is just another religion, in fact, it is afterall a religion of peace, and Americans are discriminating against Muslims. Is that what you think?

So imagine, you've had a long day at work, the kids are doing their homework or playing and you have a few minutes to turn on the television to catch up on the days events. You hear from your trusted "news reader", and I say that with more than a little sarcasm, about everything from some Hollywood actress found high or drunk stumbling along the streets of some city to a dogcatcher who lost his job for turning his catches of the day loose.

But let me ask you this. Does your favorite, trusted "news reader" give you the real news? The news they should be on top of and reporting to keep you informed? The news you need to hear?

If you truly believe you are getting all the news and the truth from your favorite television station, then stop. You need go no further.


What do most Americans know about Muslim culture? Save for the misconceptions—nothing, say the experts. So someone has to educate the American public about Islamic culture and if it isn’t ABC NEWS who is it going to be? FOX? CNN? It’s a thankless job, but ABC is up to it. They’ve been in the news and education business a long time. Thanks to ABC, Americans are better informed about cultural diversity, immigration, economics, the Texas Gunslinger and the war in Iraq, education, taxes and a hundred other things—except for Islam. Well, that is changing.

On February 29, 2008, ABC made the stark admission that Muslim culture wasn’t well understood in America and that they intended to do something about it. They would—by, golly—help Americans understand the Muslim next door. It wouldn’t be easy enlightening Larry, Moe and Curley and they would need the best possible advice they could get. So they went to the Council on American-Islamic Relations—the font of all Islamic knowledge in the United States, valiant battlers for human rights, justice and the American way.

Wow! Just look at CAIR’s organizational chart! It’s like the 1927 New York Yankees! It boggles the mind!

For starters, there’s CAIR’s long-time spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. This fine fellow put everyone’s mind to ease a few years ago when he said CAIR didn’t publicly support terrorism. Wow! What a relief! Opie hasn’t missed a night’s sleep since. It sure took a load off Sheriff’s Andy’s mind. “There is a difference with hate speech at your local mosque,” said Ibrahim, “and radio talk that reaches millions.” Now that is perspicacious! John Walker Lindh and Richard Reid listened to hate speech at their local mosques and went bad—Larry, Moe and Curley listen to Rush Limbaugh and Melanie Morgan and so do million of others, but so far none of the ditto-heads has strapped on a suicide bomber’s belt and made his way to Democratic Party head-quarters. Hatred seems to flourish in the mosque. Could Ibrahim be wrong? But he’s from CAIR and CAIR was hand picked by ABC. They weren’t self-selected, were they? One hopes not.

Here’s Nihad Awad. He’s another fine fellow. He was a founder of CAIR. He’s their executive officer. “I am in support of the Hamas movement,” he said. (Now, that could be troubling) According to Nihad, the trial and conviction of the four terrorists involved in the First World Trade Center bombing was, “a travesty of justice.” “There is ample evidence,” he said, “indicating that both Mossad (the Israeli secret service) and the Egyptian Intelligence played a role in the explosion.” Well…he’s not the only doubter. There’s Rosie O’Donnell and Woody Harrelson.

Here’s Randall Todd Royer, a gun and explosive enthusiast and a member of CAIR. Wait a minute…better scratch Randy. He’s serving 20 years in jail for aiding and abetting terrorist activities. (Every organization has at least one or two black sheep)

Read the rest here.

ABC Fakes Muslim Prejudice, Unsurprisingly Finds 'Islamophobia' in America
By Warner Todd Huston (02/28/08)

Apparently to prove that the US is filled with Muslim hating Yahoos, ABC went on the hunt to find "Islamophobia" in America and the result is "Witness to Discrimination: What Would You Do?"(1) Since they didn't really know where to find any, ABC News decided to create their own prejudice against Muslims by hiring an actress to put on Muslim dress and get "confronted" by a Muslim hating coffee store server -- also an actor hired by ABC. Then, they rolled the cameras, opened the doors to the public and, viola, ABC "found" prejudice in America. How hard is it to "find" something that you invented in the first place? Let's find out... ABC is "shocked" to find that their little manufactured moments revealed how some customers reacted.

"Bystanders Turn Away When Muslim Actor Hired By 'Primetime' Encounters Hostility," ABC proclaimed.

ABC begins their report assuring us all that "Islamophobia" is rampant in America.
The Sept. 11 attacks, the Iraq war and suicide bombings worldwide have changed not only the way we live but the way we look at those around us, especially Muslims. "Islamophobia" has entered the American vernacular, and the anti-Muslim attitudes and prejudice it describes remain common.

Prejudiced attitudes against Muslims "remain common"? Does it really? Is ABC telling us that Muslims are being widely discriminated against in this country since 9/11?Well, ABC may be claiming this is so, but the FBI sure isn't. According to Investor's Business Daily, the FBI has found that anti-Muslim crimes in the USA is not so "common" as ABC wants to make us believe.

Read the continuation here.