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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From: Rush In A Hurry

Pearl of Wisdom: Do you think Obama's faithful give a rat's rear end about the Tony Rezko deal and how Obama bought his house? The challenge is going to separating Obama from his faithful -- not his voters; his followers, his faithful. The wrong criticism will lock them to him even tighter."

The Drive-By Media can't let go of their outdated Limbaugh vs. McCain narrative. We should just "get off McCain's back." Really? Does anyone ever tell liberals or moderates to shut up or get off someone's back?

Socialism, by definition, is not compassionate. It takes away freedom and liberty.

McCain's POW record is fair game, but don't call Obama liberal or Hussein.

McCain or Obama or Hillary: senators don't make good leaders, which is why we've only elected two directly to the presidency. They're megalomaniacs with huge egos.

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