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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Savage VS. CAIR

by boaz

Say what you will about Michael Savage, the court fight (link to interview @ NewsMax) he is now attempting against CAIR is a worthy battle.

CAIR is the enemy of every American who dislikes Islamic Fundamentalism and their agenda of terrorism across the globe.

Michael Savage's fight against CAIR is one which will need to be waged today, tomorrow and every day until the worship of a 7th century Child Molester is removed from the earth

The problems which face Michael Savage in this fight seem insurmountable to myself and others, the case itself is going before a KlintonGang appointee, and she is considering throwing the case out of court. Unfortunately for Michael Savage the admissibility of the case will be determined by that same judge.

Judges who bring their prejudicial bias onto the bench are part of the problem in the fight for survival of this Nation. The issue being "our side" which is the conservative side tends to appoint judges who are constitutionalists rather than social activists. Making the entire process lopsided in favor of Social Activism for the Liberal Agenda.

When all is said and done in the case Michael Savage is brining against the enemies of America - CAIR, the battle isn't over even if he wins. The battle to defeat the religious tyranny of Islamofascism will need to be fought by our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.
We as a nation need to cease and desist raising up generations of "entitled" children with no other thought than the storage capacity of their IPODs to carry the latest pop tart blather. We need a new warrior class, warriors who cross the line into technology, but are also capable of slitting the throat of any Islamofascist perpetrating a crime of terrorism when needed.

The fight against the degradation, and 7th century mentality of Mohammad and his henchmen is not an optional battle, the fight against this blight on the human soul is one which is fundamental to the freedom to be a human being. All people of any race or e\ethnicity want to be free. Some have been held down so long they have only the smallest idea of what freedom means. To some freedom means nothing more than the ability to choose the color of their donkey. To others, we want it all. We want the absolute freedom to be who and what we want to be. And to choose where we will be that person.

The objective in this fight, must be at some level, to encourage all people everywhere to seek that freedom for themselves. When we have that goal firmly in place, when that goal is being realized, the days of the failed religious thought police mentality of Islam will finally be numbered.

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