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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Upcoming: What is Wrong With Wright - A Pastor's Prospective

I know this topic has been written about from nearly every angle possible, and I know that pastors like Bill Keller have written on the topic, but I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings on this from a pastor's prospective.

I can tell you that I was thoroughly disgusted that obama would pass this off that everyone has disagreed with their pastor, rabbi, or priests at one time or another. This isn't about disagreement, this about possible blasphemy - to say God D..N America from any place, but much less the pulpit - and to get cheers from the congregation......

Well, I think you can see that I am a little more than worked up over this and I will share in depth about it right here in a day or two. Until then, it's my belief that this man should quit worrying about America and be praying that he hasn't committed the unforgivable sin!