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Friday, March 21, 2008

Update: VFF National Tour

Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour Gains Momentum

We’re on the road. The National Heroes Tour kicked off last Friday from the deck of the USS Midway, and is currently winding its way across the Southwest. The kickoff was a great success, with over 700 people coming out to show their support for the troops and their families. Thanks to those of you who came out to help make the event such an accomplishment!

As we deliver the message of the success of the surge and the importance of finishing the job, the local media is responding. Our event in San Diego was not only covered by the local NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates, but we also did in-studio interviews at two local morning shows and three local radio shows. It was also on the West Coast broadcast of CBS Evening News.
You can view the broadcast coverage of the tour here. The reception was the same Monday in Phoenix and Tuesday in Tucson.

Our voices are being heard, and as the tour continues, the momentum will continue to build. From Texas to Washington, D.C., we aim to help Americans understand the importance of letting our troops win in Iraq.

As mentioned last week, a tour such as this is not a low-cost venture. To help support the Tour, we've commissioned an Official Heroes Tour T-shirt and Tour Coin that are available when you make a donation to Vets for Freedom.
The T-shirt is available for a donation of $25, and for a donation of $50, you get both the T-shirt and Coin. As always, your donations go directly to supporting Vets for Freedom's mission of ensuring that our troops have the support they need to continue to fight the Global War on Terror.

A poll released by the BBC on Sunday shows that 55 percent of Iraqis feel that "their lives are good." Additionally, 80 percent of Iraqis said the US should continue to fight Al Qaeda and foreign jihadists in Iraq. Yet, the mainstream media and many of our politicians continue to ignore these facts and the progress being made by our troops on the ground.

We appreciate your support, and admire your conviction.

Move out and draw fire!

Pete HegsethExecutive Director
Vets for Freedom