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Friday, March 21, 2008

A Comment on Comments - from Cyber Pastor

OK, it's time to address the comments section of Do The Right Thing. There are times when I use the moderation feature, which means that I have to approve all comments that are left.

Other times I allow the comments to be posted directly to the blog.
Let me try and explain my thinking.

First of all, I am a Christian and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Secondly, I am a Reagan Conservative. Thus, most all of the posts you will see on our blog are relating to Christianity and conservative politics.

That is the ENTIRE reason that I put as much time and effort along with all the others who help me with this blog.

While I will allow comments that are not in line with my beliefs on occasion, I keep a tight reign on that most of the time. Until recently that is.

In a couple comment threads, I allowed at least two folks to post comments, promoting their Islamic beliefs. My original thought was to let this go on indefinitely. Ben and Dean were doing an outstanding job of giving a history lesson, which would definitely be of college level of information. NJ and Boaz were adding great insights. Others did their part as well.

But as usually is the case, the comments started to spiral out of control. On came the moderation tool.

So some will think I'm not being fair and showing favoritism to those I like. Guess what -- you are 100% correct, and that is the way it is going to stay.

This is not a site that I will allow non-Christians to promote a religion other than Christianity. This is not a site that I will allow non-conservatives to promote their liberal agenda. Just ain't gonna happen.

I will be turning the moderation tool back off, as I don't like to use it. Rest assured though that if I don't like what you say and if IN MY OPINION (or that of others in the Cyber Crew), you have "crossed the line" you will see your comment removed and the "edited by site owner" remark up in it's place.

If that is too much to handle, start your own blog - get your own following - and don't bother us any more.

Cyber Pastor

Let me also say that this last time of using the moderation tool had nothing to do with raoul. There was a truce called for and accepted, and I will honor that truce unless it is broken. Besides, I like it much better when things go smoothly!