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Friday, March 28, 2008

FITNA; Anti Jihad Resistance

Thanks to Ben at ANewtOne for allowing me to cross post this.

Jehovah, grant us thy blessing: statesmen like Geert Wilders , with testicles and spines; with courage and conviction.

Geert Wilders has produced and published Fitna, which reveals the evil of Islam directly from its book of damnation.Amen!While Geert Wilders lifts the lid from Hell and gives us a clear view, our own elected officials lie to us, concealing the identity & nature of the evil entity which is a clear, proximate & perpetual threat to our lives and liberties.

Sons of Apes And Pigs has posted the AFP article describing Fitna and a direct link to the movie at Livelink. Due to the slow speed of my dialup connection, I am composing this while waiting for the video to buffer. The movie appears to be smoothly produced, and the content I have seen thus far is excellent, juxtaposing the text of 8:60 with the image of the attack on the World Trade Towers.

Take due notice: the movie's title is a reference to 5:33. which prescribes diabolic hudud for Fitna.

This movie must be seen!!! This movie must be believed!!! He who watches it and does not curse Islam is mentally & morally defective; a waste of life and breath!!! Send this to your friends & family. Let them see Fitna before it is pulled down!!!

Ben 03/27/08

As a warning to those of you with children, some of the pictures contained in the video are quite graphic.

FITNA: Supporting Documentation can also be found here.

This needs to be seen by every American, especially our elected officials.

The direct link for FITNA can be found at UAC( United American Committee ).

Update: Apparently Live Leak has pulled this video. If you have yet to view it go here while it lasts.