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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rush In a Hurry - Email Notes from Today's Show

On Today’s Show...

Show Highlight: Morality matters in politics. A discussion of morals makes many people uncomfortable, because they don't want to be judged. Folks, we all fail, but that doesn't mean there isn't a right and wrong. Democrats like Spitzer don't adhere to a moral standard of absolutes. Their goal is power.
Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper 69: The Character of the Executive

Pearl of Wisdom: "Could any group outside the funny farm come up with a plan as incompetent as this so-called Democrat primary race? These are the same people that want to manage your health care, run the oil companies and retail businesses!

"Liberals bemoan the "tragedy" of Hillary Clinton Superdelegate #9 Eliot Spitzer, while Republicans remain silent. This is how you lose.

Despite decades of feminism, political wives let husbands use them as doormats. Also, did you notice the Spitzers dressed like the McGreeveys? Right down to the ties!

Pearl of Wisdom: "You liberals who think prostitution is no big deal, go visit one and let the country know, and find out how big a deal it isn't when you get home."

"Rush the Vote" achieved chaos: Thanks to Rush keeping Hillary in the race, Florida and Michigan re-votes will cost the DNC millions.

» Former Clinton Booster Greg Craig: Don't Believe Hillary's "Experience" Claims

We don't need Hillary to win until Pennsylvania, so there's no need for Mississippians to crossover. In fact, let's hope Obama takes it. That'll lead to more chaos in Denver.

Obama gets a little tough on the Clintons, asking why he should be #2 when he's #1 in delegates and states. The Clintons always get their way in the Democrat Party. That's one of the traditions Obama's trying to change.

Queen Bee Nancy Pelosi rules out Hillary and Obama on the same ticket. How come when Rush said such a ticket was doomed, the Drive-Bys called him racist and sexist?

Attention Stick to the Issues Crowd...
Computers are up and running: Thanks, Apple.

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