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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Upcoming at Do The Right Thing - Blog and Radio

Several things have been happening in the last few days while I have been busy and not able to blog much. Here are a few things that I plan on getting posted in the next couple of days, and a look at Do The Right Thing Radio.

---- A look at obama's minister who, out of many things that should greatly upset Christians, said "...it's not God Bless America, it's God D..N America. "

---- What up with the Westboro crew, videos and update.

---- More on Gathering of Eagles.

---- Vets for Freedom, National Tour update.

---- Do The Right Thing Radio:

Monday's Show Topic: So-Called Ministries That Make Christians Look Bad
(See above from blog topics)

Last Weeks Shows:

Monday Topic - Power of Prayer
(Dean's testimony, the Presidential Prayer Team, and praying about our upcoming elections.)

Thursday's Topic - Comfort
(This is our latest show, which features several passages of scripture, some good caller comments, and a chat room prayer request that we prayed about live on the air.)

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