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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Anti-Poop Accords

Cross posted from Spree's Wake Up America.

This is just one of those posts that can make you laugh and say..."oh you have got to be kidding".....LOL.

DNC Protesters To Sign A 'Doo Doo Accord' aka 'Non-Pooliferation Treaty'

The Denver City Council is holding a meeting to finalize preparations to ban certain items from being brought to protest at the Democratic national convention. In advance of that meeting, three groups that plan to protest are prepared to sign what they call a "doo doo accord".

The Non-Pooliferation Treaty would consist of the three groups that will be protesting signing on to say they would not uses feces "bombs" in their protest during the convention.

"We're hoping this puts everything poo-related behind us so that we can focus on the real issue, which is the fact that the Democrats are part of a crappy system oppresses and coerces communities into a capitalist economy and undemocratic government," Ben Yager, a member of Unconventional Denver, a group of self-described anarchists, said in a statement.

Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the Re-create 68, is also asking for an apology or resignation from a city council member, Doug Linkhart, for saying that he had heard that protest groups were storing urine to use in their protests in august at the Democratic convention.

Spagnuolo went on to call Linkhart's comments "irresponsible and slanderous."

Linkhart confirmed the report but said this was information he was told by a firefighter, continuing to say, "I was just quoting a firefighter. I trust him. Don't we all trust firefighters?"

When Spagnuolo was asked if that included bottles of what looked like urine, he said: "We're a law-abiding group, and if (a bottle of urine is) going to be illegal, we need to turn it in somewhere."

The council will also be voting on banning other items that could block access or deter police during the DNC, such as "chains, padlocks and noxious substances, such as buckets of urine and so-called feces bombs, if the intent is to use them to obstruct streets, sidewalks, buildings or emergency equipment, or hinder crowd control measures."

Protesters are planning on using theatrics to show their opposition to these measures before the council takes it up for final consideration.