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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preparing For The Republican National Conventio

Mrs. CP and I are busy making preparations for our trip to St. Paul, Minnesota to cover the Republican National Convention. On Friday, we will be leaving to take our youngest daughter and dropping her off to start her freshman year at a wonderful Christian university.

From there, we will be heading to Minnesota. We will be staying at the home of Chad Everson, founder of The Grizzly Groundswell, along with several other bloggers who have been credentialed for the convention.

Beginning Sunday, and every day of the Convention, we will be hosting a Do The Right Thing Radio program at 1:00 pm eastern time. There will also be numerous posts right here on our blog.

So, if you want to get reporting straight from the Convention floor that the Lame Stream Media won't bring - this is the place to be.

We are also working in cooperation with the three groups who we have widgets in the left hand column: Grizzly Groundswell, Heading Right Radio, and Let's Get This Right - three fantastic groups of conservatives who are committed to bringing you, our loyal readers and listeners, the truth that you won't read or hear anywhere other than the "New Media".

I would also be remiss to not give a great big thank you to those folks in the Cyber Crew and others who have helped make this trip a reality with their financial assistance.

We look forward to seeing you live from St. Paul!

Cyber Pastor

PS. I wish we were traveling in the Vets for Freedom bus in the picture, but that was just a good photo op for me.