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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Newsday Blames Rush for Church Shootings

This email came from Media Research Center. I was waiting to see how long this would take, and I even mentioned it to a friend of mine several days ago. Totally ridiculous!!

David Martin
Executive Vice President
Media Research Center


Yesterday, Newsday published a despicable column that directly linked Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and other conservative media to the hideous church shooting that took place last month in Tennessee.

The article -- entitled "Does Shock Jock Hate Speech Lead To Violence?" -- is so outrageous that MRC's President Brent Bozell just drafted a letter to Newsday demanding a retraction.

Go here to access the Newsday article as well as Brent's letter to Newsday:


The Newsday column draws a direct connection between conservative talk radio hosts like Rush and Sean and the brutal murderer -- making them look complicit in those vile acts.

This is so reprehensible, we had to contact our fearless MRC Action Team right away, and give them an opportunity to take immediate action against Newsday.

+ + Action Item: Demand a Retraction From Newsday

We want to follow Brent's letter with thousands of emails fromMRC Action Team Members demanding an apology and retraction.

Please go here right now to send your emails to Publisher Tim Knight and others at Newsday demanding a full apology and retraction for this outrageous story.


+ + The Left's campaign to discredit conservative media leaders

The fact is, the Left is in the midst of a hideous character assassination campaign against conservative media -- specifically leaders like Rush and Sean -- and they will stop at nothing.

Newsday is not alone. Liberal Jim Wallis' blog included an article on the Tennessee shootings that stated, "we can also connect these deaths to too much toxic talk radio."

That is why Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress want to impose the so-called Fairness Doctrine which would silence conservatives on the radio. That is why Newsday published this article.

If we do not stop Newsday right now, these unwarranted attacks against conservative free speech will only increase.

Newsday should be ashamed! But unless they get overwhelmed with comments from outraged citizens like you, they will continue to print articles like this.

Please send your emails to Newsday right now...


..and thank you for taking a stand to stop attacks against
conservative leaders like Rush.

David Martin
Executive Vice President
Media Research Center

P.S. Once you have sent your emails, please also call Newsday Publisher Tim Knight at 631-843-3135 and tell him you want a full apology for and retraction of the story, "Does Shock Jock Speech Lead To Violence?"