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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome To The Heading Right Convention

Cross posted from Political Vindication. Please go there and support Frank and Shane's fantastic work. I am honored to be doing the opening prayer for this event tonight at 9:00 pm (eastern)/6:00 pm (pacific). CP

Welcome To The Heading Right Convention

Written by: Uncle Seth The Noble on Monday, August 25th, 2008

Join us for a night of celebration! Starting tonight we will be holding the Blog Talk Radio Heading Right Convention, where all the ‘right’ minded hosts of Blog Talk Radio will be gathering together to meet and greet and cheer on the conservative movement! We will have speakers and host interviews from your favorite BTR Conservatives, and special reports from the smoking ruins of the Democratic Convention in Denver! This is a night you won’t want to miss!

The four hour convention will start on Political Vindication Radio starting at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. the second half will continue at Joshua Allem’s show JPA Live beginning at 8pm Pacific/ 11pm Eastern. The convention program is posted below, the voting booth is in the right side bar, and the momentum for a Republican victory in November begins right here at Blog Talk Radio!

You can also visit out Heading Right Awards page where you can vote for your favorite conservative Blog Talk Radio hosts


Starting at Political Vindication Radio at 6.00pm Pacific

Convention Program Ed Boston (Cyber Pastor)
Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction: Frank of Political Vindication
Speaker: Shane Borgess of Political Vindication
( The Promise of America )

Introduction: Matt of Patriot Action
Speaker: Wyatt McIntyre of Patriot Action
( Reclaiming the Spirit of the American Revolution )

Introduction: Syrin of Katcha Kloo
Speaker: Brother K
( We Are Republicans )

Introduction: Loki of The Halls of Valhalla
Speaker: Snooper of Take Our Country Back
(the Greatness of America)

Introduction: John Barnhart of Barnhart Blog
Speaker: Eric of Tygrrr Express
(The American Hero vs. The American Idol)

Introduction: Nikki of Nikki Rocks The Politics!

Speaker: Media Lizzy of Heading Right
( Country First )

Introduction: Rick Moran of The Rick Moran Show
Featured Speaker: TBA

Part Two Continuing at JPA Live Show

Speaker: Joshua Allem
(The Green Grass Roots of America)

Introduction:JJ Truth of the JJ Truth Show
Speaker: Sonlit of A Newt One
(We Are The New Media!)

Introduction: Danger Girl
Speaker: Scott from SC
( the Hope of Choice )

Introduction: Tex and Jenn Sierra
Speaker: David Allen of Independent Politic
( A look under the Obama Bus )

Introduction: Stephanie Davis of Patriot Games Radio
Speaker: Sherri Reese of Eeevil Conservative
(It Is Time!)

Introduction: Honest Conservative
Speaker: Douglas Gibbs of Political Pistachio
(America’s Moral Compass)

Introduction: Jenn of the Jungle
Speaker: Loon and Vince of Live with Vince and Loon
( Loving America - Why It Matters To The Right And Not The Left )

Introduction: Ozone of Political Intervention
Speaker: David Zublick of America Talks
( Republicans and Conservatism )