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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Garry asks: "Oil $$$ drops, Why?

by Garry

Oil $$$ drops, Why?

While many in the media ask why the price of a barrell of oil has dropped so dramatically in the past several weeks, the answer is really very simple.

George W Bush rescinded the Executive Branch order prohibiting off shore drilling. Just the threat of off shore drilling, without a single foot of new oil well being drilled and the price began to drop.

Despite the recision being mostly symbolic! There is still a federal law preventing drilling offshore, which only CONgress can lift, but all it took was the threat of finding more crude to pump and speculators ran out of excuses to drive the price higher.

In the past three weeks the price has come down from just over $147 per bbl to a close of $119.42 on Tuesday Aug 5th.

The only thing eemingly standing in the way of an even lower dip in the price of oil is Korade Nancy Pelosi's abillity to control the actions of the Peoples House of Representatives, And Dingy Harry Reid controlling the agenda of the Senate. Neither of the two Socialist democrat leaders appear willing to grant the American public a break at the gas pump, unless of course the American people are willing to place another Socialist Democrat at the helm as Komrade President. Whether it is Komrade obama or if he is upstaged and outmaneuvered by Komrade Clinton is not a big issue for the end game of the Socialist Democrats.

All blessings must appear to come from those who want to run the lives of every American, the Liberal Elite Socilist Democrats, who are by birth and by rank in office, much more intelligent and wise than the common man (or woman.)

In the mean time $4.00 gasoline is our penance for re-electing the White House, Occupant, Liberal, Executive, G W Bush instead of the second messi-DUH ALGore. And our options are in theory limited to which of the next mess-DUHs to anoint in Nov.

As for me and my house we have chosen to understand their was only one Messiah, He was perfect, and He has not yet returned for His people. Can I get an Amen?

For all of the Socialist Democrats who deny the Real Messiah. How sad.