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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guest Post From Foutsc

It's time to bring the troops home. Please visit Nietzsche is Dead.

I'm proud of this one... Please visit and pass it on


Pull Our Troops Out Now!!!

I was stationed there and I used to believe in the mission...

It'stime to bring all the troops home. Sure, leave a base that will serve as an air bridge for points further east, but it's time to bring 'em home.

The war is over. Some danger may still loom, but major fighting is finished. Besides, we're spending billions per year keeping our forces over there. We've trained 'em and armed 'em. It's time their duplicitous government and weak, untested military sink or swim on their own and stop mooching off our security umbrella. Our rapid withdrawal will be just the wake up call they need to get serious and grow up.

We ousted an evil dictator but get no gratitude for it. We saved them from the savagery they visited on one another and rebuilt their economy and infrastructure. Despite this, all they can do is criticize us. Government cooperation on all but the simplest of things is becoming increasingly problematic. Besides, we don't really have that much in common anyway. We share few common values and the religious differences are stark. Our garish displays of Christianity are offensive to a great majority of the population.

They're getting too cozy with their bigger neighbor to the east whose government funds terrorism and sticks a finger the the West's eye every chance it gets. They were slaughtering each other not so many years ago, but now our host is depending more and more on this dangerous neighbor despite our warnings. Our host's new friend to the east also has empirical ambitions. Flush with oil money, he dispatches special forces to sow chaos in neighboring countries. But our host is too dependent on him to do anything about it.

Yup. It's time to leave...

... Europe, that is.