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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Press Release from Grizzly Groundswell

Grizzly Groundswell Coming to 2008 Republican National Convention

Chad Everson, creator of GrizzlyGroundswell.com has organized an internet media event to cover the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC). Cyber Pastor and Mrs CP, owner of Do The Right Thing Radio, will be participating in this event each day at 1:00 pm (eastern) at their Blog Talk Radio page.

Under Everson's orchestration, a few credentialed bloggers will cover the event, giving a main-street media
angle to traditional media coverage.

Owners of affiliated Internet radio shows will sponsor special guests in conjunction with the RNC.

Interested parties from across the nation are encouraged to call into the radio shows to ask questions about happenings at the RNC, including whether or not the news articles appearing in their area are accurate.

Everson said the Internet media event has a three-pronged purpose: 1) to hold traditional media sources accountable for the way they report the convention, 2) to validate Internet resources like blogs as a serious form of media, and 3) to create a groundswell of conservative political ideas that will influence upcoming elections and policies.

"If you remember how Television changed politics with the first televised Presidential debate, not necessarily for the better, With our Grizzly Groundswell Strategy, we have the potential to change politics in a good way, a Main Street Media way! We are unleashing conservative thought, voice and image with this online media empire." Everson said.

The Grizzly
Groundswell network includes 20+ credentialed bloggers, 320+ offsite blogs, 35+ internet radio shows and 2 video channels streaming 24/7. LetsGetThisRight.com and BlogTalkRadio.com have both jumped on board to this Grizzly Groundswell Strategy to Flex the Main Street Medi! a's Musc le. The convention will be held in St. Paul , Minnesota from September 1 through September 5, 2008.

For more information, including other local blogger who may be participating, contact Chad Everson at 763-244-3265

or visit www.grizzlygroundswell.com.