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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Building a "Citizen Intelligence Network" @ #dontgo

Fellow #dontgo Followers,

My name is Eric and I am the "director" of the #dontgo Movement at www.dontgomovement.com. I'm writing you to let you know about a pretty cool new network we're developing that we believe will help us find and expose corruption at all levels of Government.

And we need YOUR help getting it started. Please read on...

The Media Machine CANNOT Be Trusted, But We Can Trust Ourselves…..


The #dontgo movement is taking Washington by storm. Inside sources tell us that even politicians who are pro free market and pro limited government, who want accountability and transparency, see this movement as highly effective but do not understand a bunch of people who are not INSIDE, and who do not answer to any of the “power players” could do what we have done.

What have we done?

We have played a key role, both online and, especially, on internet radio, in the dissemination of the information on the “guerilla congress” and the who, energy issue. We have EXPOSED the link between Pelosi and “Big Wind”, and we have galvanized thousands of people who are demanding answers from their political leaders!

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi has a VESTED INTEREST in NOT seeing an “all of the above” energy plan because she is an investor in the T. Boone Pickens Plan??

Did you know that the “GANG OF TEN” is seeking to push through an energy plan that is based on the global warming myth and that is being presented as something it is not (as being comprehensive when it is in fact limited)?

The truth is out there, but our politicians too often, especially if they are against limited government and free markets, can count on a media that mischaracterizes pro-free market and pro-limited government activists while blacking out any news that would wake people up to the truth.

We have a simple solution that you can participate in right now, a solution that will enable you to play a key role in helping to do an “end run” around the media machine that denies the people their right to have the truth presented to them, that does not hold ALL politicians accountable, and that is not a means of creating transparency in government.

We are creating an information network that will gather information, analyze and compare it in an intelligent manner from the perspective of the individual’s rights and interests, and that will present the truth LOCALLY to the general public through the internet and, as we proceed, other means.

When the media turns its guns on pro-free market and pro-limited government leaders and politicians or candidates we intend on turning our big guns on them, tracking their associations and words and those of their cronies in both parties. When the media ignores news that will show how foolish and harmful big government or even unfair business practices are for the rights and welfare of the People we will be able to expose that and get the truth out to the people.

This is not “irreducibly complex”, this is something you can do RIGHT NOW!!

Below you will see a description of our Information Network. Simply go to www.dontgomovement.com/forum and JOIN and then read our section ABOUT the information network and post in the INTRODUCTION board with your information and what you can do. You will be contacted via email by the person who oversees the area you wish to participate in and they will personally help you get started.

We are recruiting State Information Coordinators as well as State Information Committees to assist the Coordinators in keeping track of state delegations (House members and Senators) and Regional Information Coordinators.

#dontgo movement National Information Network

Information Coordinator- Bill Collier

Infrastructure Support
Paul G. Collier

Social Network
Ali Akbar

Editorial Support




Political Information Liaison
Bobby Copeland

Organizational Information Liaison

National Territories-

Northeast- ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE

Southeast- MD (DC), VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL , MS, TN, MS

Midwest - MI, WI, MN, IL, IN, OH, WV, KY, MO, IA

Southwest- NV , AZ, NM, TX, OK, KS, NE, UT, LA, AR

West- HI, AK, CA, OR, WA, MT, IS, WY, ND, SD

Duties Of Information Coordinators

Information Coordinators generally do the following:

1. research information, as assigned or on own initiative to make politicians accountable and to uncover fraud, waste, and abuse (presently focused on the energy crsis)

2. keep track of assigned public figures (their press releases, activities, and etc.) and, if possible, establish a two way liaison with them

3. manage and direct activities of other participants, for instance a State Information Coordinator would lead a State Information Committee

4. Maintain regular contact, via phone and/or email with Coordinators who oversee your area (for instance State Coordinators will maintain contact with regional coordinators and etc.)

5. When possible, assist in research and/or writing to get information out

6. Participate in submitting tips, track backs, and networking with website owners to get coverage for #dontgo

For more information, or to ask questions regarding the network, please visit the new forums at http://dontgomovement.com/forums/

-Eric Odom