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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update: Vets For Freedom Reporting From Iraq

From Pete Hegseth,

Last week, myself and 7 other Vets for Freedom members headed Back to Iraq. As we wrap up our trip in Baghdad today, we hope you'll take a minute to check out a few of our daily dispatches, video, and photos. It's been an honor to travel with such a great group, and once again experience the courage and honor of our warriors in harm's way. Check out the links below:

Pete Hegseth: Up and Over the Palm Tree
David Bellavia: Diyala Surge
Kate Norley: Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 4
Daniel Bell: Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 6
Erik Swabb: Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 3
Shawn Bryan: Dispatch from Kuwait
Ben Hayden: Back to Iraq Journal Entry # 3

From Diyala to Samarra we have witnessed the success of the surge, the improvements of the Iraqi Army and the Sons of Iraq, and the need for the United States to support the Iraqi government's efforts to regain control over their country. Success is evident and victory in Iraq is possible.

More dispatches will continue to roll in this week and next, so stay tuned for more.

We'd once again like to thank again the organizations that helped make this trip possible--National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, BlackFive.net, Under Armor, Wiley X, and North American Rescue.

Most importantly Vets for Freedom thanks those who donated--large and small--to make this trip, and hopefully future trips, possible. Per our mission statement, we will continue to share the 'ground truth' with the American people despite the critics and naysayers who mock our efforts and cheer for our demise. Please consider donating to fund future trips by clicking HERE. With your help we hope to travel to other battlefields and report the conditions--the good, the bad, the truth.

Move Out and Draw Fire!

Pete Hegseth
Chairman, Vets for Freedom