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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soviet Union Re-Emerges

By Garry

Pre and post World War II saw the former Soviet Union using military force to expand it's borders and more notably its influence around the world. That dream may have failed with its last Five Year Plan, but the hopes for communist supremacy didn't.
The most recent aggressive moves by the remnant of the former Soviet Union highlights the long term goals of a nation which has been aggressive in nature since the 1920's.

From the invasion of Poland in 1917 through the attacks on the Georgian state this week, the Soviet, and now Russian, Imperialism forces appear to have had a single minded focus on planting the seeds of communism around the world.

The downfall of the former Soviet Union (USSR) to the forces of Democracy and the splintering of the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev, prove to have been nothing more than a setback in the ultimate scheme, rather than game, set, and match for communism.

The dissolving of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in 1991 appears to have been more a Public Relations move than an actual elimination of the desires of the communist leadership or rank & file members.

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin has been able to maintain and consolidate his power base even in the face of term limits which forced him from the Presidency and into what some would describe as a lesser role as Prime Minister. The most recent moves to bolster the Ossetian breakaway area from the legitimate government of Georgia though, speaks loudly of the hold Putin as a former KGB agent (1976-1991) retains on the Russian government and the deployment of Russian military.

The efforts of both Putin as Prime Minister and Dimitry Medvedev as the Current President of Russia are to retain the Ossetian area with its Russian citizenry as an entity separate from Georgia. Most probably because of the Georgian involvement in the War on Jihad in Iraq (third largest military contingent after the US and Britain) and also because Georgia has aspirations of joining NATO.

The old Russian anecdotal joke regarding how the satellite nations felt about Russian over-lordship seems to be reflected in the political leanings of the Georgians. (asked by a reporter an anonymous villager said: The Russians are our brothers", when asked by the reporter how the villager felt about the Western governments he said :The Americans
are our friends", when asked why the difference, the villager says, "With our relatives we have no choice, but we get to choose our friends")

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev made a statement Friday
that Russia's continued peacekeeping presence in the Georgian territory
was "absolutely lawful" and accused Georgian troops of committing "what
amounts to an act of aggression against Russian peacekeepers and the
civilian population in South Ossetia."

Lawful seems to a word open to interpretation in this case. The case could be compared to Iraq and the United States or Afghanistan if the South Ossetians had been likely to attempt a
military campaign against Russia, or Georgia. But, Ossetia was not a legitimate autonomy within Georgia, South Ossetia had won autonomy from Georgia as a practical matter during a war with Georgia which ended in 1992, but is still fully enclosed within Georgia with only a very small border which abuts Russia.

The real issue which remains for the rest of the world is the aspect of military aggression by Russia against those it perceives to be not under its direct influence.

From Ethiopia, to Afghanistan, Somalia and now Georgia, The former Soviet Union hub which is Russia has consistently used military methods for domination of the region.

Now with a pact of six nations including most notably Russia and Communist China in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Western aligned nations face a formidable military and economic bloc which can and has begun to produce problems throughout the Western Hemisphere, as in Venezuela.

The existing 'war' in South Ossetia will be over soon, sooner than the Olympics I'm certain. But the wake-up call to recognize the re-emergence of Russia as a nation which is not the friend of the United States will remain for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

The Liberal "Progressives" of the United States should pay attention to the problem, not of South Osstia, but of what the military campaign might be considered a harbinger of.

That though, is very unlikely.