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Monday, April 21, 2008

4 Questions For Atheists


I have had the privilege of knowing a few Atheists over the years, and a several things have perplexed me that I have never been able to settle in my mind. This topic is NOT intended to belittle or embarrass Atheists, as I am confident that they have answers for these (or at least that Dawkins guy probably does). And for the record, I can’t think of an Atheist I’ve ever known whom I didn’t genuinely like or enjoyed working with. In fact, my grandmother was an Atheist and I loved and respected her immensely.

So here are my questions:

  1. Am I correct in my assumption that Atheists believe that there is nothing other than the physical measurable realm? If that assumption is correct, how does an Atheist prove thinking? I mean, you can’t see it or touch it or measure it, so how do you know it exists?
  1. If an Atheist truly believes that all of life, mankind, animals, trees, the coral reef etc. are purely accidents with no purpose to their existence, why should anyone bother to do what is right? Why not just do whatever you please on your allotted time on earth before you die? Why bother to improve the world for the next generation? If the entire universe is all a meaningless accident, then who cares if it all ends the day after we die? I guess if an Atheist is a parent, he or she cares if his or her child has a comfortable existence after the parent dies – but is that caring based on love (which also doesn’t exist if there is nothing but the physical realm)?.
  1. Why do Atheists often seem angry over God, if God doesn’t exist? I have heard many Atheists say that God is a fairytale and any mention of God or the supernatural should be illegal because religion fosters violence blah blah blah – but almost always those statements or posts have a level of anger in them that quite honestly, I don’t understand. For example, I am against gambling. I know lots of people who gamble, etc. There are many instances where gambling bankrupts whole families, and in the cases of addiction it is very difficult to break away from. Big Casinos get rich off of the weaknesses of individuals and overall gambling is a fairly destructive practice. But I don’t get angry when I talk about gambling. I just state how I feel and if the person gets in the car and heads to Atlantic City 5 minutes later…so what? It doesn’t impact my emotions that the person likes to gamble….and gambling is a real thing that I can point to and observe. Unlike God which the Atheist says does not exist and, according to the Atheist, you can’t point to or observe Him, yet they often (in my experience) become angry when someone professes a faith in God.

These are only 3 questions…and I know that I’m going to get slammed big time by somebody who says that of course Atheists believe in thinking and love….but then that brings me to question #4 which is, how can anyone believe in the existence of thinking, or love, and completely dismiss God?

So question #4 is: On what basis do you accept thinking and love, and simultaneously adhere to the impossibility of the existence of God?

I realize that this blog post is HORRIBLY non-intellectual. Atheists almost always leave me with this feeling that they sort of pity my “ignorance” and that if I were only more educated and enlightened I wouldn’t be believing in a god at all. So my only request is that the Atheists responding to me treat my questions with some level of respect. I truly want to know the answers and I would like to hear them from a person who genuinely clings to the Atheist view.

Of course everyone is always encouraged to post – this is not in any way limited to Atheists!!