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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Berzerkeley, Phase II

From Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward. "We have made good on our promise."

I wanted to direct your attention to 2 media reports on our efforts to protect military recruiting centers from being attacked by anti-war/anti-military activists.

On Monday we delivered a letter from our law firm to the US Attorney's office in Northern California asking them to investigate whether the Berkeley City Council broke the law when they called upon citizens to "impede" the work of military recruiters.

Here are the 2 news stories you need to see:

1. Report from the San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times "Political Blotter" here:

2. On-air broadcast by KGO-TV 7 (ABC-San Francisco) here:

People have asked us how they can best help this effort to hold those who attack our military recruiting centers accountable.

In the short-run the best way you can help is by making a donation to our legal fund so we can win this battle and hold these people accountable for their attacks against our military men and women.

Donate Online Here:

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