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Monday, April 14, 2008

Updates on A Couple of "OUR" Troops

While most of us don't even know "OUR" troops, we still consider them ours! Here is an update on a couple of them. 

First: Spec 4 Courtright

"By the way Spec 4 Courtright arrived home March 19, 2008 @ 0441 HRS. Safe and Sound. Thanks for the prayers!" this comment was from his father and so are the comments below which is from his blog, Mark 1:11.

Thank You.

This post is pre-written and will be posted as soon after BOG (Boots on the Ground) return date for my son, March 17th as possible. Unlike most of my posts is is relatively short but needs to be said.

My wife bore me son
We gave the war a boy
God gave me back a man
Thank you Lord

To all the people who have supported me and my family and my son for the past 15 months no "Thank you" is enough but, it's the only thing I have to give. Your prayers and support helped me through some very tough times. I wish to name a few of you here and if I have forgotten someone please forgive me.

In no special order

(READ THE REST by clicking one of the links above - CP)

Also, and update on a wounded warrior Daniel Porter:

Daniel Porter is doing good, the thumb is going to stay on, the arm is healing well. He has left Walter Reed in D.C. and went to Texas for two weeks, then Home for 30 days and then back to his unit. Daniel is mildly ticked he has to take the 30 day leave, he and his brother are pretty close.

Update: Additional comment from Spec. Courtright's father here.