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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fighting Battles....Ignoring Wars

Cross posted from ANewtOne.

HT to Ben; "The Gathering Storm newsletter informed me of this vital article at Think-Israel. Click the title, read it all and share it with your friends. The hour is late, wake up already!"

By Philip V. Brennan

We make a serious mistake when we fail to recognize that the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan and Lebanon are merely part of a worldwide war. We cannot prevail in any of these conflicts as long as we insist on treating them as isolated incidents. We are engaged in combat with a well financed, determined enemy with forces in every corner of the globe that will not cease their attacks until we drive them off the face of the earth.

Should Israel cease to exist, and were the U.S. to pull out of Iraq in the face of a civil war, the world war would not end. It will go on until either the West defeats it or it defeats the West If we begin to recognize that we are in a real war and fighting for our very lives, and that this war will last for most of our lifetimes, we will begin to understand that we are either in this struggle for the long haul,
or are prepared to surrender and submit our children to the law of Sharia.

Picture your daughter in a burka.

Read the full story here.