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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cyber Pastor Comments on Evansville Event

Last week, Mrs CP and I took a week of vacation to get some much needed R&R, to visit with some of my favorite family members, and to be available in the area as the final plans for the National Heroes Tour stop in Evansville were being put in place.

I want to report that the event was a huge success!

Press reports say there was 75 people in attendance, I had estimated 100 -125 but I've been wrong once or twice so we'll go with their number. Factor in a strong steady rain for several hours prior to the event, and as I discussed the turn out with Pete Hegseth, he was very happy.

Media coverage of the event was pretty good as well. At least three local TV stations had pieces on the event, and I know the Evansville Courier-Press had articles prior to the event, and also a nice story that I posted earlier.

Of course, I was very happy with the way that the Do The Right Thing Radio broadcast of the event went. Special thanks to Mrs CP and Snooper for their help with the show.

The folks at the LST 325 Memorial were fantastic hosts and they have some good pictures and a story of the event. All those who participated from the LST in the 21-gun salute were: Gun Salute Squad Commander Larry Hahn ,Marvin Oeth, Sam Richey, Jim Roach, Chris Donahue, Fred Kerstein, Dallas Fickas, and Vernon Barnett, and the ship's bugler, Millard Wilke.

I also need to mention Mike Whicker, LST Memorial Executive Director and Bob Lenn, Chief of Protocol, both of whom I workly closely with in the time leading up to and the day of the event.

Arne Pederson, the Indiana State Captain for Vets for Freedom did a very nice job of opening the program, and giving honor to those who have given their lives in the service to our country. That's Arne in the picture above.

I enjoyed being able to share some biblical thoughts on soldiers, and even more so praying for our troops.

Finally, and the most important, the Heroes from Vets for Freedom that appeared on this leg of the tour: Pete Hegseth, Tom Parks, Steve Russell and Kate Norley. Each one was great in their own way, and they all made me proud to be a member of the Vets for Freedom organization.

I'm still working on getting my personal pictures downloaded and I will share them, and other media stories with you as I get them.

Thanks for your support of this blog, and for supporting Vets for Freedom.