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Thursday, April 3, 2008

California Congressman Seeks Freedom For Communists

by Garry

Californian Congressman Alan Lowenthall is suggesting legislation to normalize and make official the adoption of Communism as a legal group of citizens in this state. Where else but California ?

State Sen. Alan Lowenthall is exploring legislative means to make legal the practise of Communism in California . For a long time the California court system has ruled against the current law. The current law makes it illegal to belong to the Communist Party for certain jobs in the state, such as teachers or other public employees.

The case law in support of the upcoming bill would revolve around the the California court system which acquitted Angela Davis a former and also current UC Professor.

Lowenthall is seeking to make the point that though Communism should not be taught in the classroom, communism in and of itself is no longer a threat to the U.S.A. or it's government.

“There is literally not one part of this bill that does anything but repeal unconstitutional provisions of law,” added Lowenthal’s chief of staff John Casey. “It does not allow communism back in schools.”

This writer would disrespectfully disagree in regard to what is taught in California schools. Angela Davis is an admitted communist and was first brought to task for teaching what were communist ideals. She was taken back into the University system.

Sen. Lowenthall's proposed legislation, even in a state as liberal as California , is guaranteed to spark debate and a fierce criticism from opponents.

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