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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank You For Praying For Mrs. CP

I want to thank each person who has been praying for Mrs. CP during the last week as she has suffered terribly with a stiff neck and nearly unbearable pain. 

Starting Monday night, she began to feel some relief. Yesterday and today she has continued to improve and for that we are all very thankful. 

After being in the ER for nearly 5 hours last Wednesday, she was back at the family doctor on Friday. The family doctor couldn't find anything other than the arthritis and also muscle spasms. Additional pain killers and different muscle relaxers was given, but no relief all weekend. 

Finally on Monday, just as unexplained as when it started she started feeling better. 

Mrs. CP knows that there has been many, many people praying for her and she appreciates it very much! Please continue to pray as she is not back to 100% yet, and we still don't know the reason it happened. 

God is Good!

Cyber Pastor

PS. That's Mrs. CP with our youngest grandchild in the picture - aren't they cute?!?!?!